Job Market Seminars

Within the annual Assistant Professor and Post-doctoral Fellow recruitment program, every year, IMT sponsors seminars series featuring job market candidates. Candidates - short-listed at the end of a competitive selection process - are requested to present recent research papers, at the presence of a Selection Committee and IMT students of the relevant PhD Program Curricula.

Usually the job market seminars are held on two consecutive days and they include a campus visit and a dinner with the other candidates and members of the Evaluation Committee. All travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed.

Please learn more about the participants to the various Job Market Seminars:


Classical Archaeology, Exchanges between East and West in the Ancient Mediterranean Job Market Seminar - Mar 5th
Classical Archaeology, Functions of Objects and Images in Antiquity Job Market Seminar - Mar 5th
Interdisciplinary Complex Networks Job Market Seminar - Feb 6th


Economics of Innovation Job Market Seminar - Nov 28th
Specification, analysis and verification of concurrent and distributed systems Job Market Seminar - Nov 17th
Networks in Neuroscience and Biology Job Market Seminar - Oct 26th
Systems, Control, and Optimization Job Market Seminar - Oct 20th
Low carbon infrastructures and green growth in urban environment Job Market Seminar - May 17th
Economic Policy Job Market Seminar - Feb 23rd
Philosophy of Science Job Market Seminar - Feb 15th
Economics Job Market Seminar - From Feb 1st to Feb 3rd
Operation Research Job Market Seminar - Jan 24th


Systemic effects of climate change on urban networks and resilience implications in large urban agglomerations Job Market Seminar - May 18th


Quantitative Analysis and Modelling of Complex Economical and Financial Systems Job Market Seminar - Oct 9th
Economics Job Market Seminar - From Feb 16th to Feb 17th


Applied Economics, Industrial Organization, and International Trade Job Market Seminar - Dec 4th
Microeconometrics / Applied Econometrics Job Market Seminar - Dec 4th
System identification methods and machine learning Job Market Seminar - Nov 25th
Solid mechanics and mechanics of materials Job Market Seminar - Nov 25th
Visual Studies of Science Job Market Seminar - Nov 24th
Convex Optimization Methods and Control of Dynamical Systems Job Market Seminar - Nov 14th
Systems Modeling and Analysis Job Market Seminar - Aug 29th
Computational Social Science: Modeling of Social Dynamics Job Market Seminar - Jun 9th
Comparative Political History Job Market Seminar - Jan 31st