Max Tschaikowski

Max Tschaikowski photo


I am an Assistant Professor in the SysMA group. Before becoming part of IMT Lucca, I was a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, UK, and a Research Assistant at the LMU in Munich, Germany. I was awarded a Diplom in math and a Ph.D. in computer science by the LMU in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

My research focusses on formal methods in the area of quantitative modeling, with an emphasis on the construction, verification and reduction of quantitative models given either in terms of high-level formalisms like chemical reaction networks, process algebra, queueing networks or defined by intermediate concepts such as Markov chains or ordinary differential equations. The main line of research focusses on reduction techniques because systems from practice induce in the vast majority of cases models that are too big to be analyzed efficiently. My research addresses this problem by formally relating the original model to a smaller one while preserving the essential properties. 

I participated in the European project QUANTICOL and the DFG project DAPS. For more information about me, please take a look at my CV by clicking here.

Selected Publications