Search within all library collections

Use the EDS discovery tool to search within all library collections. You can also search within only one specific kind of material by using the tabs: books (it includes printed and electronic books, PhD theses, analytics from some of our printed journals); articles and journals. After searching, you can refine results or expand them.

Some of databases are not searchable through the EDS (Artstor, Leggi d'Italia,, some data from LexisNexis, institutional repository E-prints): you can find direct access from publisher's website in the page Databases.

Book Catalogue

The book catalogue provides access to bibliographic records of IMT books, PhD theses and printed journals collection.

Registered users may access to their personal area in order to check the status of loans, renew borrowed items, ask for reservations.


Browse the list of databases available and access them directly from publisher websites. The list includes both subscribed material and free useful resources.


Browse the alphabetical list of active journals and access them directly from publisher websites. The list do not includes big packages of journals (Elsevier Science Direct, Springer Journals).


Access to IMT institutional repository IRIS in order to browse through publications by IMT professors, researchers and students. The access to IRIS is public.


Access to E-theses and browse all IMT PhD theses. The access to E-theses is public.