Institutional Repositories


The IMT institutional repository E-prints is a service offered by the Library in order to manage, archive and facilitate dissemination of research materials created by the community members.

The Repository has been created with the following mission:

  • to include citations to the work of all IMT Resident Faculty;
  • to provide Open Access to full text research where permitted by publishers and copyright law;
  • to provide stable links to published items and items not held by the IMT Institutional Repository;
  • to be a reliable source of information on IMT research for all audiences;
  • to maximize the visibility, accessibility and dissemination of research produced at IMT.

The Repository conforms to the Open Archive Initiative.

IMT students can also asking the Library to deposit their papers published in peer-reviewed journals.


E-theses is the archive where are stored and preserved IMT Ph.D thesis produced by the students during their training and research in IMT Institute.
The thesis can be accessible in one of the following formats: full text (complete text available), mixed (only some parts available) and restricted (the full text is not accessible).
IMT encourages the deposits of the full text under Creative Commons License, considering that:

  • It improves the dissemination, retrieval and impact of the thesis in the scientific community;
  • It prevents plagiarism. It is easier to find text snippets by entering them into a search engine such as Google and plagiarism detection software like Turnitin compares work against freely available internet sources like open access e-theses.

All of the theses in the archive will also be harvested by the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BCNF) in accordance with the mandatory deposit law (L 106/04, DPR 252/06).