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Fabio Saracco

Fabio Saracco
NETWORKS Research Unit
Assistant Professor

Fabio Saracco is Assistant Professor (RTDa) at IMT since May 2016. He works in the NETWORKS research unit guided by prof. Caldarelli. In his post-doc experience at the Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR, Sapienza Department, Rome), he focused on the complex network approach to the World Trade Web.  In 2013 he obtained his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (String Theory) at the University of Milano Bicocca with a thesis with Alessandro Tomasiello (INFN, Milano Bicocca department). 

Fabio actual research is devoted to the theoretical development of tools for the analysis of complex networks. The theoretical perspective of his work is based on the extension of concepts of Information Theory and Statistical Physics to Complex Networks. The framework that he developed, in collaboration with the colleagues at IMT, is general and was successfully applied for the description of different phenomena, as international trade networks, biological systems or social network platforms. Fabio is involved in the European projects of CoeGSS and SoBigData. He is also mentoring some Ph.D. students, as well as lecturing on complex networks analysis as well as Python programming.