Elena Bonini

PhD thesis:

"The cognitive processes in 3D collaborative systems for the communication of cultural heritage: an epistemological approach to virtual musealization".


My primary research interest lies in the field of Digital Heritage, mainly focusing on the communication and enhancement of cultural heritage through Virtual Reality Technologies. I am interested in studying advanced interfaces and knowledge technologies through a multidisciplinary approach, taking into account contributions from cultural studies, cyber-anthropology, sociology, cybernetics, ergonomics, design, but especially cognitive sciences and neurosciences.
In particular, I am investigating human cognition and the knowledge processes in virtual environments, in order to identify some guidelines for the design of the virtual cultural experience: meaning-making, embodied and situated action, sense of presence, interaction, co-creation of meaning in the community of practice, and the forming and re-forming of narratives, are all interwoven processes.
Drawing on enactivism, my aim is to foster the perspective of Embodied Interaction Design in the development of technological applications for the cultural heritage.