Introduction to Economics

(P. Zacchia): Brief introduction to microeconomics designed for students without previous exposure to it.
This module will cover the following topics, focusing on the interplay between formal models and intuitions:

- Individual choice;
- Equilibrium in competitive markets;
- Imperfectly competitive markets;
- Issues of market failures;
- Concepts of information economics.

(A. Belmonte): This course will provide with a basic introduction of the main notions in Macroeconomics.
Its main goal is to give students a big picture of the macroeconomy and the link between output, employment, and inflation in the short term.
After introducing the fundamentals, the course will then introduce basic macroeconomic models such as the Keynesian AD-AS model and the IS-LM model.
The course will also give some introductory notions of the Phillips curve and its relation with the IS-LM model.