Foundations of Probability and Statistical Inference

This course aims at introducing, from an advanced point of view, the fundamental concepts of probability and statistical inference. Some proofs are sketched or omitted in order to have more time for examples, applications and exercises.
In particular, the course deals with the following topics:

- probability space, random variable, expectation, variance, cumulative distribution function, discrete and absolutely continuous distributions, random vector, joint and marginal distributions, joint cumulative distribution function, covariance,

- conditional probability, independent events, independent random variables, conditional probability density function, order statistics,
- multivariate Gaussian distribution,
- probability-generating function, Fourier transform/characteristic function,
- types of convergence and some related important results,
- point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, linear regression, introduction to Bayesian statistics.

Students may be exonerated up to a maximum of 10 hours according to their background