Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage

Scientific Writing, Dissemination and Evaluation (long seminar without exam)

In order to ensure their widest possible dissemination, research results need to be presented in academic publications and in talks. The first goal of this course is to introduce students to basic principles of academic writing and on basic techniques to plan and deliver good academic talks. In addition, the course discusses the key principles of peer review, which is what makes science reliable knowledge. In particular, the course focuses on how to write a professional referee report.

Project Management

Project management; event management; communication and marketing; practical tools of organization; budgeting. Dealing with multiple stakeholders/ Risk management / Time management / PM tips to run an international research/Management plan concept on heritage sites / When applying for funds how do we measure project success / How we manage the output of the management plan / Flat organisations.

Neurobiology of Emotion and Behavior

This course will provide an introduction to general themes in Affective and Social Neurosciences, particularly focusing on the neural correlates of emotion and behavior.

Neural Bases of Perception

The course will review the physiological and anatomical bases of perception in humans and will consequently detail the neural bases of unimodal, multisensory and supramodal perception. The last part of the course will review recent observation in early and late blind individuals to understand how the (lack of) visual experience affects brain functional and structural development.

Museology and History of Collecting

History of collecting; management forms of early collections. Theoretical reflections on the phenomenon of collecting. Emerging themes in early collections: private and public goods, ownership of the collection/fruition of the collection. Organizational structure of museums in Italy, France, UK and USA. Elements of museology. The communication strategies of museums in Italy, Europe, USA. The specificity of Italian cultural heritage and its museological management.