International Economics

This course introduces students to the analyses of the most important up-to-date topics in international economics. The objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of the causes and consequences of economic globalization. Emphasis will be given on the internationalization strategies of firms, the organization of production in a global economy, and consequences on labor markets.

Part 1 (F. Serti):
o Overview of Theories of International Trade
o International trade and firm heterogeneity: evidence from firm level data
o Trade and the Labor Market: evidence from local labor markets
o Trade and the Labor Market: evidence from worker and firm level data
o Offshoring and tasks

Part 2 (A. Rungi):
o Gravity Models for International Trade
o The Role of Multinational Enterprises
o Organization of Global Value and Supply chains
o Income inequality and Economic Globalization
o Trade and Investment Policies 

Prerequisites: Microeconomics + Econometrics I + Econometrics II…