Firms, Business Analytics and Managerial Behavior

Teaching contents:
1. Theory of the Firm
2. The system of force in a business organization
3. The balance between efficiency of the production and effectiveness in results
4. Business performance and ways to represent
5. The financial statement
6. How to read and comprehend performances and results
7. Methodology and tools for Balance sheet analysis
8. Prevision versus prediction and business analytics
9. Entrepreneurship and management in complex scenario
10. Neuroscience, decision making process and managerial behavior

Business case

Students will learn how to evaluate strategies, as well as how to locate sources of potential competitive advantage from a perspective that, for the purpose of this course, encompasses the internal and dynamic fit of a strategy. They will also learn how to identify organizational barriers and corporate behaviors that sustain or challenge the development and execution of strategies, and the competitive advantage of a company.