Business Model for Emerging Markets

Teaching contents:

1. The economy of the intangibles
2. Manufacturing and robot
3. Strategy and business model
4. How to model a business
5. How to model a business in a complex scenario
6. What make market emerging? Not only new lands.
7. The Blockchain technology and the future
8. Initial Coins Offering (ICO) compressed between Business plan and White paper
9. Possible value of Blockchain technology for Small and medium Italian sized business
10. A global value chain approach to protect and foster strategic identity

Business case

Students will learn how to evaluate strategies, as well as how to locate sources of potential competitive advantage from a perspective that, for the purpose of this course, encompasses the internal and dynamic fit of a strategy. They will also learn how to identify organizational barriers and corporate behaviors that sustain or challenge the development and execution of strategies, and the competitive advantage of a company.