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Career Services

Career Services

The IMT School’s Placement services are aimed towards quickly finding employment in academia, institutions, firms and entrepreneurial sectors that valorize the PhD degrees earned by the School’s students.

There are multiple tools that are used by the School to support job placement activities in a variety of contexts.

Individual Guidance

Individual guidance activities aim at supporting IMT School students and alumni with respect to:

  • identifying and guiding personal job placement strategies for academia and/or the labor pool
  • managing research and work activities competently and autonomously
  • gaining concrete knowledge of the local, national and international job markets

The principle tool for individual orientation are counseling sessions.

Those interested initial interviews aimed at identifying expectations and availabilities for employment, work and education related experiences for professional career development, competences, propensities and inclinations towards finding an employment opportunity may contact Second-level individual orientation interviews (carried out with an occupational psychologist) will be carried out (again) in 2020 within the framework of the E-Cubed 2 project.


Events and Projects

Job Fair

JobFair is an initiative aiming at creating a high-quality opportunity of dialogue between a selection of companies and the six Italian Advanced Graduate Schools: it is the first job meeting devoted to the talents of IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Superiore, University School for Advanced Studies of Pavia, International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste and Gran Sasso Science Institute of L’Aquila.
The School has been a partner institution since 2014 (second edition).
The event, led by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, is a unique opportunity for leading companies and high-potential human resources to connect and interact, with benefits not only for the direct stakeholders but, more generally, for the countrywide system.
The 2020 Edition (the seventh one) will be completely online with a 2-day agenda:
  • October 21, (detailed schedule under definition)
    • Inaugural Ceremony
    • Simultaneous company presentations by the Main Sponsors
  • October 22, from 9 a.m.: individual interviews


The IMT School has participated, since the 2017/18 Academic Year, in national Placement initiatives with the “Borsa del Placement” (meetings between companies and university representatives) and forDoc, the first national event – organized by Emblema – that is specific for PhD students and graduates, for job interview meetings with employers specifically interested in candidates with doctoral degrees.

The 2019 forDoc meeting - preceded by preparatory webinars - was held at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona from October 1-3 2019.

Company Presentations

Companies interested in:

  • advertising a job opportunity
  • getting into contact with IMT School students or alumni
  • presenting their company

may contact


Seminars held by speakers from the industrial sector

Carreer Mentoring (SAA)

The Student and Alumni Association (SAA) carries out an important role with respect to the career mentoring activities, in synergy with the Placement services of the School. On June 7th and 8th 2019, the School held its first Annual Meeting of the Association, providing a space for idea exchange, networking and mentoring through the collaboration with the members of the Association. During these two days, students and alumni had the opportunity to meet other members of the IMT School community, present their research projects and professional experiences and explore new collaboration opportunities, cementing the objective of developing a network that actively supports placement services, reinforcing synergies and shared values.



At the end of 2019, the IMT School and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa jointly obtained funding from the Tuscany Region for a 12-month project of careers guidance and support, as part of the Regional Operational Program (POR) of the European Social Fund (ESF) 2014-2020, called The Challenge of the Third Mission - technology transfer, placement and social impact aka E-Cubed Two.

The project, which is going to continue and expand the activities carried out in 2018 with the project (in the POR-ESF area as well) E-Cubed: Explore, Engage, Empower, also aims to develop a shared placement policy, specially designed for the specificities of the two Schools and to design a plan of interventions structured and included in the broader framework of actions of the Third Mission.

This project, therefore, offers the opportunity to participate in a structured and modular guidance program designed to meet the different needs of the students from the two Schools, coming from different educational paths and disciplinary fields, but sharing a strong aptitude for specialization and an inclination towards excellence, also in terms of expectations and needs with respect to the services directed to them. The realization of the project is fundamental for the implementation of strategic objectives for the standardization of relations with the network of alumni, external partners, institutions and other stakeholders.

The challenge also consists in the development through an "on-the-job training" of new skills within the Placement Services, aimed at creating professional know-how to support the strategic objectives of the Schools, acting as a connection between students’ needs, training courses design and networking with the job market.

Job Offers

Job opportunities for students and alumni are usually advertised via email.

Interested companies may contact

Students interested in receiving job opportunities may also contact


  • Erasmus+ for Traineeships
  • Internship opportunities: internship opportunities to students and alumni are usually advertised via email. Companies interested in advertising their internship opportunities may contact, +39 05834326562. Students interested in internships may contact

Partecipation in the Development of Placement serivce

With the aim of sharing the objectives and inspiring active participation, in addition to monitoring Placement services, a survey was carried out at the end of July 2019 with IMT School students, alumni and faculty. The results of this survey offer interested insights with respect to future development.