Benedetta Cesqui

Benedetta Cesqui is a PhD student in Biorobotic Science and Engineering at IMT – Lucca (Italy).
She obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineer  at the Third University of Rome in May 2004 and her final project deal with the design of  an Instrumented Anemostat for the monitoring of the air changes in the operating rooms . Now she is working at her Phd  project at Polo Sant’Anna Valdera – Pisa (Italy) studying ageing and age related modification of upper limb motor control strategies
Main results : 1)Submitted papers; 2) Functional analysis of motor performance of elderly and young subjects perturbed with a robotic device; 3) New dynamic models of upper limb movements.
Work in progress 1) Arm stiffness evaluation in dynamic conditions; 2) Evaluation of force field training in stroke rehabilitation therapy; 3) Analysis of  motor control age related modifications .