Anna Pirri Valentini

Anna Pirri Valentini photo

I am a PhD student in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca.

I got my master degree (2015) in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome. My dissertation was titled ‘Arte contemporanea e Contratti’, it was an analysis of the relation between civil and common law and contemporary figurative art, with a special focus on the contractual relations within the art world.

After my master degree I was an intern at SMart, a mutualist company for artists and free-lances, in Milan.  

My PhD project is a comparative analysis of the legislation concerning the circulation of cultural heritage and their implications. The circulation of movable cultural heritage is regulated differently State by State, some countries have a more protectionist approach while others are more interested in the safeguard of the art market. Especially, the public and the private sector have different interests and approaches in regard. The regulations concerning the circulation of cultural heritage have a great impact also on the national art market and on the diffusion of national artworks and the fame of artists worldwide. My research would like to analyse, mainly by a legal and an economic point of view, how these regulations act and the reasons of the public and private sector in it. The three State taken into account for the comparison are Italy, France and England.

In addition to the topic of my research project, I am interested in copyright, artist’s rights and the regulation of the artist’s professional work and contemporary art.