Trustworthy Global Computing    IMT Alti Studi Lucca - Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies
November 7-9, 2006, Lucca, Italy
TGC 2006
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Welcome to the TGC 2006

TGC 2006, the second symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing, was held in the medieval Tuscan town of Lucca (Italy), on November 7 - 9, 2006. The symposium was co-located with the reviews of EU FET-IST FP6 Projects AEOLUS, MOBIUS, SENSORIA and CATNETS

The programme of TGC also included overviews of the main research activities carried on by each of the four FP6 Projects and the presentation of three FP7 initiatives named Internet of the future, Pervasive adaptation and ICT forever yours.
The first TGC event took place in Edinburgh on April 7-9, 2005 with the co-sponsorship of IFIP TC-2, as part of ETAPS 2005. TGC 2005 was the evolution of the previous Global Computing I Workshops held in Rovereto in 2003 and 2004 (see e.g. LNCS 2874) and the workshops on Foundation of Global Computing held as satellite events of ICALP and Concur (see e.g. ENTCS Vol. 85). In view of the importance and the strategic role of trustworthy global computing, the plans are to organize TGC regularly in the future, with the following steering commmittee.
 University of Pisa

 Information Society Technologies

SENSORIA - Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers

MOBIUS - Mobility, Ubiquity and Security

CATNETS - Evaluation of the Catallaxy Paradigm for Decentralized Operation of Dynamic Application Networks

 Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca