Research and Educational Mission

IMT researchers carry out cutting-edge methodological research to generate knowledge, apply knowledge to solve problems of an economic, industrial, societal and cultural nature, and transmit knowledge through highly specialized graduate courses and seminars.

Starting from the overlying fundamental principle of scientific excellence, which applies to all areas and levels of the IMT research community, the School distinguishes itself through its interdisciplinary orientation to develop innovative research and acquire greater international visibility.

The School’s interdisciplinary research program is articulated in four scientific macro-areas: Economics, Management science and Complex systems; Computer science and Systems engineering; Neuroscience; Cultural heritage.

The School’s research is further organized into distinct yet multidisciplinary research units (RU). Most RUs are characterized by a pyramidal structure where the vertex is occupied by a prominent senior researcher, junior faculty members constitute the intermediate level, and the base is formed by a small group of doctoral students, actively contributing to the research as part of their studies. Other RUs instead are structured in a multipolar fashion, with highly specialized research centered on thematic nuclei and the contribution of diverse methodologies.
The work carried out in the research units is intimately linked to IMT’s multidisciplinary PhD program, which provides a unique and characteristic patrimony of competences within the broad framework of the analysis and management of a plurality of systems. The program is articulated in curricula that share common core courses and provide specialized training in the specific discipline of the doctoral thesis. At the end of the program, students can successfully face appointments in and outside academia because of their ability to recognize and solve new and increasingly complex problems.The hunger to learn, analyze and resolve problems, the ability to embrace an approach to problem solving that is not limited by the confines of any single discipline, and the aptitude to quickly familiarize oneself with the tools and methods in fields outside of one’s own are the three talents that IMT aims to cultivate in its doctoral students. IMT receives thousands of applications every year for the program from every corner of the globe.