Lecturer in Macroeconomics

1 Lecturer position

(Deadline October 9th, 2017 12:00 Italian time - mezzogiorno ora italiana)

Fields: Real Business Cycle, Nominal Rigidities, DSGE models, Unemployment
Activity: Teaching in Macroeconomics Course (30 hours), supervision and tutoring.
Course Abstract: Real Business Cycle: baseline RBC models, household behaviour (consumption and saving) and investment. Nominal Rigidities: Price Rigidity, Wage Rigidity, and Departures from Perfect Competition in the Goods and Labor Markets; the Lucas Imperfect- Information Model and the Lucas Critique. DSGE models: New Keynesian Models; Fisher model; The Taylor Model; Calvo staggered pricing. Unemployment: Search models; Equilibrium search and matching; Two-sided search model; Efficiency wages; Implicit contacts; Insider-outsider models.
Formal requirements: PhD in economics or in related areas.
Specific requirements: International academic experience; former teaching experience of Macroeconomics courses (PhD level) in English
Track: ENBA
Academic Year: 2017/2018
Gross remuneration: 4.500€

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