Modelling and simulation of polymer ageing and degradation

1 Research Collaborator position

(Deadline November 29th, 2017 12:00 Italian time - mezzogiorno ora italiana)


Polymers; Degradation and ageing; Chemo-physical coupling; Reaction-diffusion systems


Modelling and simulation of degradation effects in polymers using reaction-diffusion partial differential equations. Prediction of the loss of adhesion of a polymer from a substrate, the change of light transmission properties of the polymer, the interaction with Silicon due to oxidation effects



Researcher with expertise in modelling and simulation of ageing in polymers caused by chemical reactions promoted by heat transfer and moisture diffusion


Formal requirements:

A PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering Chemistry, or related areas

Specific requirements:

Researcher with expertise in modelling and simulation of chemical reaction and diffusion phenomena in polymers, along with modelling of their mechanical behaviour using the finite element method

Research Area:
Computer Science and Systems Engineering
Research Unit:
MUSAM - Multi-scale Analysis of Materials
Type of contract:
Contratto di lavoro autonomo
Gross remuneration:



2 months

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