A language based approach to limiting software vulnerability

1 Research Collaborator position


Attribute Based Programming, Access Control, Semantics, Programming Languages, Security


The selected researcher will work with the members of the SYSMA unit in a program aiming at developing new methods for limiting software vulnerability by extending the attribute-based paradigm for collective adaptive system interaction to dealing with issues related to programs security. In particular, the selected researcher will consider the problems connected to access control and study the possibility of relying on the attributes exposed by the interacting peers for guaranteeing security of  accesses.


Very good ability in object oriented programming, previous expertise in languages implementation. Very good knowledge of the use of formal methods for specifying systems properties and very good knowledge of programs verification techniques. Some knowledge of security issues is preferable as well as a good knowledge of access control techniques.

Formal requirements:

Close to the completion of a PhD progam (registered for more than two years) in Computer Science or related fields.

Research Area:
Computer Science and Systems Engineering
Research Unit:
SysMA - System Modelling and Analysis
Type of contract:
Assegno di ricerca
Gross remuneration:

About 25.000 euros


1 year

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Recruitment Program Principles and Standards


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Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


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