Econophysics and Distributed markets

2 Visiting Professor position


Econophysics; complex systems; science of networks; big data analytics.


Research in the areas indicated above and tutoring and lecturing of students.


The candidates will investigate complex financial datasets from the perspective of: geometrical and topological properties of metric graphs. Filtered graphs and their applications to different sets of data sets. Generalisation of these algorithms to large set of data. Models combining the use of information filtering networks with the construction of predictive inference models. Algorithms generated by the use of new tools including multi-scaling techniques and multi scaling tools such as Generalized Hurst exponents. Graphical Modeling; Sentiment analytics; Social media analytics; Blockchain Technologies.

Formal requirements:

Degree and PhD in Physics, experience in research and teaching of Econophysics and mathematical methods of complex networks.

Research Area:
Economics, Management Science, and Complex Systems
Research Unit:
NETWORKS - Complex Networks
Type of contract:
Contratto di lavoro autonomo
Gross remuneration:

€ 4.000


6 months.

Full call:
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Recruitment Program Principles and Standards


Apply ONLINE only.
Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)


  • Your CV in English (compulsory)