Big Data Analytics

1 Research Collaborator position

Big Data, Analytics, Bank transactions, Data Crunching
Analysis of a big dataset of bank transactions. The researcher will write code in Phyton to import data in a MySQL dataset and to analyze bank transactions based on the probability of default, location and sector of activity of account owners and other related information.
Formal requirements:
Possession of a 4 or 5-year degree in Computer Science or in a related field. Knowledge of Italian bank transfer data format. Advanced Knowledge of Phyton and MySQL. Excellent knowledge of English, both written and spoken.
Specific requirements:
Candidates should demonstrate enthusiasm for performing applied research in a multicultural and interdisciplinary research Institute
Research Area:
Economics and Institutional Change
Research Unit:
LIME - Laboratory of Innovation Management and Economics
Type of contract:
Contratto di lavoro autonomo
Gross remuneration:
€ 3.100,00 in total
2 months
Full call:
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Director Decree Selection Committee:
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Calendar latest update:
March 17th, 2015
Official selection calendar:
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Preliminary shortlist:
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March 30th, 2015 from 11:00am - Piazza San Francesco, 19 Lucca
Final ranking:
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Final decree:
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Recruitment Program Principles and Standards


Apply ONLINE only.
Before starting prepare the application attachments and information as listed below.


  • Personal info and contact info (compulsory)
  • Number of your Identity Document (Passport or Identity Card) (compulsory)
  • University degree (compulsory) and ongoing PhD (optional)