Financial Overview

The overlying principle that guides all of the School's activities on a financial level is efficiency. IMT operates with the utmost respect for financial responsibility, which is reflected in the leanness of the administrative infrastructure, the rigor of the School's regulations and the capacity of the School's faculty members to obtain external financing (on a national, European and International level) to fund their research.

In accordance with its statute, the support of the Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research (FLAFR) is fundamental to IMT’s sustainment and growth, both in terms of financial and material resources. In fact, the FLAFR contributes towards the costs of PhD scholarships and researcher salaries, in addition to providing and maintaining the buildings that constitute the IMT campus, for a total yearly contribution equating to approximately 3 million euros. To this sum the School itself adds another 3.5 million euros through self-financing (external financing for research projects). As a public university, the Italian government also adds to the School’s financial resources for a total of 5.2 million euros a year.

The resident IMT community is composed of approximately:

  • 40 resident faculty members (Full, Associate and Assistant Professors, Post-Doctoral Fellows);
  • 123 PhD Students
  • 40 staff members

To this substantial group resident researchers and staff, numerous other short- and medium-term visitors (calculated on an average yearly basis) can be added, including

  • 20 visiting professors
  • 200 seminar speakers and lecturers
  • 60 guest scholars
  • 70 candidates for research and PhD positions

Whether their stay be long- or short-term, all of these people bring positive financial returns to the city of Lucca and its merchants through apartment rentals, dining and shopping.