XXXIV Cycle: candidates admitted to the Programs

Admitted candidates have 10 days to accept or decline the position by no later than October 5th, 2018, emailing

Even if your name is not at the top of the list, but you are still considered eligible, there is a probability for you to be admitted to the Program in case additional funding becomes available to increase the number of positions or in case of other candidates’ withdrawal. If you believe that the IMT School is indeed a good fit for you, we strongly encourage you not to accept other offers: eligible candidates will be promptly updated about the status of the ranking and the scholarship assignment.

Equal opportunities are ensured to all candidates throughout the evaluation process.

PhD in Cognitive and Cultural Systems

Admitted Candidates

NameTrackAdmission ScoreScholarship
Adam, LucasCCSN100YES
Cappello, Elisa MorganaCCSN100YES
Cataldo, MariafrancescaAMCH100YES
El Rassi, Yara RichardCCSN100YES
Fino, FrancescaAMCH100YES
Franceschini, CliziaAMCH100YES
Giannakopoulou, AfroditiCCSN100YES
Grollero, DemetrioCCSN100YES
Iannace, Arturo MarianoAMCH100YES
Leonardi, Francesca AMCH100YES
Massong, Natalie FrancisAMCH100YES
Ordali, EricaCCSN100YES
Sampaolo, ErikaCCSN100YES
Vivar Aburto, CitlalliCCSN100YES
Acuner, DeryaAMCH98,5YES
Suay, DilaCCSN98YES
Elce, ValentinaCCSN97YES

Eligible Candidates

NameTrackAdmission Score
Majorana, SilviaAMCH96,5
Turri, SilviaCCSN96
Bisconti Lucidi, PiercosmaCCSN95,5
Fedeli, DavideCCSN95
Begum, ForidaCCSN94,5
Paci, MarioCCSN94
Cauzzo, SimoneCCSN93,5
Rosso, MattiaCCSN93
Capitani, VittorioCCSN92,5
Maccariello, GiuseppeCCSN92
Galigani, MattiaCCSN91,5
Bacciardi, SilviaCCSN91
Spataro, RaffaeleCCSN90,5
Zhang, XiliangCCSN90
Cucchiara, FedericoCCSN89,5
Ramawat, SurabhiCCSN89
Kaushal, ShubhamCCSN88,5
Negro, NiccolòCCSN88

Withdrawn Candidates

Natalucci, MartaAMCH
Atilgan, HicretCCSN
Brusa, AlessandraCCSN
Barekyan, KristinaAMCH
Siilata, Elisheva Talei ManumaloAMCH

PhD in Systems Science

Admitted Candidates

NameTrackAdmission ScoreScholarship
AlWaisi, Zainab AliCSSE100YES
Asur Vijaya Kumar, Pavan KumarCSSE100YES
Clemente, Giulio VirginioENBA100YES
Di Vece, MarzioENBA100YES
Gianstefani, IlariaENBA100YES
Lalli, MargheritaCSSE100YES
Masti, DanieleCSSE100YES
Mercanti, IvanCSSE100YES
Morando, NicolóCSSE100YES
Ortiz Gimenez, VíctorENBA100YES
Pieroni, ValentinaENBA100YES
Préve, Deison TeixeiraCSSE100YES
Prieto, Pablo MarcosENBA100YES
Siwach, ChinmayCSSE100YES
Wu, LiangCSSE100YES
Zucchiatti, SedricENBA100YES
John, FrancisCSSE98.5YES
Miricola, StefaniaENBA98YES

Eligible Candidates

NameTrackAdmission Score
Maunero, NicolòCSSE97.5
Sbarro, BernardoENBA97
Kumar, Sriram SasikalaCSSE96.5
Cerruti, CarloENBA96
Abdalla, Hassan Mohamed AbdelalimCSSE95.5
Sinapi, AngeloENBA95
Monni, TommasoCSSE94.5
Capitani, VittorioENBA94
Legnaro, EdoardoCCSE93.5
Nieddu, MarcelloENBA93
Shang, LanCSSE92.5
Alesiani, AndreaENBA92
Bayat, PariaCSSE91.5
Erario, GiovanniENBA91
Garcia, Felan Carlo CasupananCSSE90.5
Pietrini, FilippoENBA90
Andrini, DarioCSSE89.5


Withdrawn Candidates

Amico, Ambra


Poemsl, Tobias FranzENBA
Lin, HuihengENBA