Classical Archaeology, Exchanges between East and West in the Ancient Mediterranean Job Market Seminar

On March 5th 2018 IMT will sponsor a seminar series featuring candidates for the Assistant Professor position in Interdisciplinary Complex Networks.

Candidates will present recent research papers.

Please find below the agenda of the research seminars open to students and IMT faculty, and to all who would like to attend.

All presentations will take place in Classroom 1 in the San Francesco Complex, Piazza San Francesco, 19, Lucca

March 5th 2018

Tabella 1: List of Speakers of current Job Market Seminars
Name From To University Presentation Title Location
Nicola Giaccone 14:00 14:45 University of Pisa Contacts between East and West in the ancient Greek world: an architectural example Classroom 1 (San Francesco)
Elisabetta Interdonato 14:45 15:30 University of Pisa Gifts of the Romans: the Legacy of the Roman Empire and its Influence on Modern Societies. A starting point for interdisciplinary researches Classroom 1 (San Francesco)
Alessandro Poggio 15:30 16:15 Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Banqueting in Western Anatolia: Dynastic lifestyle under the Persian rule Classroom 1 (San Francesco)