On the occasion of the School opening (2005) and of the openings of the following academic years, IMT has organized inaugural ceremonies in order to present the School and its scientific community. Each ceremony has boasted the participation of local and national personalities. This participation is a concrete evidence of the nature of the School that is embedded in both local and national systems as relevant reality for Lucca and its surroundings and as active part of the Italian educational system.

Inaugural Ceremonies

Inaugural Ceremony 2016-2017 - Lectio magistralis, Giuseppe Recchi

Inaugural Ceremony 2015-2016 - Lectio magistralis, Carlo Messina

Inaugural Ceremony 2014-2015 - Lectio magistralis, Ferdinando Beccalli Falco

Inaugural Ceremony 2013-2014 - Lectio magistralis, Fulvio Conti

Inaugural Ceremony 2012-2013

Inaugural Ceremony 2011-2012 - Lectio Magistralis, Enrico Giovannini

Inaugural Ceremony 2010-2011 - Lectio Magistralis, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Inaugural Ceremony 2009-2010 - Lectio Magistralis, Corrado Passera

Inaugural Ceremony 2008-2009 - Lectio Magistralis, Maurizio Sacconi

Inaugural Ceremony 2007-2008 - Lectio Magistralis, Giuliano Amato

Inaugural Ceremony 2005 - Opening Ceremony

Graduation and Honorary Doctorate Degree Ceremonies

IMT Graduation Ceremony 2018

IMT Graduation Ceremony 2017

IMT Graduation Ceremony 2016

IMT Graduation Ceremony 2015

IMT Graduation and Honorary Doctorate Award Ceremony for Prof. Ugo Montanari

Honorary Doctorate Award Ceremony for Prof. H. Eugene Stanley

IMT Graduation Ceremony 2012

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