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Spin Off

The IMT School supports the constitution of private-law bodies with the aim of entepreneurial utilization in innovative contexts, research results, and the development of new products and services, in particular the creation on "academic spin-offs".

Regulations on Spin Offs - IMT School (Italian version)

How to create a Spin-Off


Spin Off

TREE-TOWER is an innovative start-up founded in April 2019 by Dr. Francesco Biancalani and Prof. Dr. Ing. Marco Paggi. Currently, TREE-TOWER has its headquarters and registered office at the “Polo Tecnologico Lucchese” in Lucca (Italy). TREE-TOWER develops tailored software for companies in the era of smart manufacturing, providing activities for: CAD-CAE integration, innovative prototyping solutions, virtual testing of materials and components, digital twin models for improved products and processes, sensor networks design and big-data analytics for production lines, the assistance of innovation business strategy.

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Past Spin Off

ODYS S.r.l. - Advanced Controls & Optimization is specialized in developing Model Predictive Control (MPC) systems for next-gen controls in industrial production.