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The National Institute for Advanced Mathematics

The National Institute for Advanced Mathematics - INdAM (“Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica”) is a self-governing Italian state research institute in mathematics (similar to CNR, the National Research Council, and INFN, the National Institute for Nuclear Physics), legally constituted and supervised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research - MIUR. Originally founded in 1939 by the noted mathematician Francesco Severi, it was subsequently given legal status in 1992 (Law 11/2/1992, no.153).

INdAM has no permanent research staff. Most of its research activities are carried out by the National Research Groups, drawing researchers, including both early stage and advanced fellows, from universities and public and private research centers. 

Currently there are four National Research Groups:

  • GNAMPA - National Group for Mathematical Analysis, Probability and their Applications;
  • GNCS - National Group for Scientific Computing; 
  • GNFM - National Group for Mathematical Physics;
  • GNSAGA - National Group for the Algebraic and Geometric Structures and their Applications.

In recent years, INdAM has entered into conventions with Italian universities to constitute Local Research Units of the Institute inside these universities.

INdAM Local Research Unit at the IMT School


Other members

Research topics:

  • Causal inference applied to economics
  • Computer science
  • Contract theory
  • Control and optimisation of dynamical systems 
  • Econometrics
  • Ensembles in statisticl physics
  • Game theory and applications to economics
  • Machine learning theory and applications 
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Mathematical methods of economics
  • Network modelling applied to economics and social science
  • Neural networks
  • Numerical analysis
  • Operations research
  • Optimal design and control of innovative metamaterials
  • Optimization applied to problems in economics
  • Optimization applied to telecommunications 
  • Probability theory
  • Random graph theory
  • Statistical learning theory

Research projects financed by INdAM

2020-2021: Giorgio Gnecco was the Italian head of the research project On the Expressive Power of Neural Nets with Random Weights between Italy and China (Chinese manager: Ming Li), funded by ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics) and INdAM , within the ICTP-INdAM Research in Pairs program.

2020-2021: Giorgio Gnecco coordinated the research project Trade-off between Number of Examples and Precision in Variations of the Fixed-Effects Panel Data Model, granted by INdAM-GNAMPA.

2013: Giorgio Gnecco participated in the research project Methodologies for the approximate solution of team optimization problems and strategic interaction problems, granted by INdAM-GNAMPA.

2011: Irene Crimaldi participated in the research project Probabilistic models for network traffic, granted by INdAM-GNAMPA.

2009: Irene Crimaldi participated in the research project Exchangeable sequences, copulas and their generalizations, granted by INdAM-GNAMPA.

Becoming a member

To join the INdAM Local Research Unit at the IMT School, members must be part of one of the National Research Groups (see the INdAM website for the related procedure and deadlines). Once you are a member of one of the National Research Groups, it is possible to join the INdAM Local Research Unit at the IMT School by sending an e-mail to the RU Director and communicating the selected National Research Group.

To confirm membership, it is sufficient for the member to renew their registration to the selected National Research Group.

Membership withdrawal

A member can withdraw their membership at any time by sending an email to the Director of the INdAM Local Research Unit. Membership is automatically revoked if the subject is no longer a student or faculty member at the IMT School.