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Economics, Networks and Business Analytics (ENBA)

Director: Massimo Riccaboni

Curriculum Overview

This track provides participants with a solid knowledge on modern analytical methods in economics and management. With its multidisciplinary approach, the track is unique in its deployment of a strong integration of concepts, analytical foundations, artificial intelligence and practical expertise, to educate the new generation of economists, scientists and practitioners with distinctive capabilities in analyzing, interpreting, and managing complex socio-economic systems. Graduates will be trained to become researchers and decision makers in academia, policy and industry by integrating knowledge at the boundary of economics, statistical physics, computer and social sciences with the unifying language of mathematics and statistics. Close associations with a selected set of companies and institutions provide the opportunity to analyze relevant problems, motivating new analytical techniques from practical problem solving. Students are involved in the analysis of real world high dimensional data, in collaboration with companies and institutions. 

The track relies on distinctive competences at IMT in economics, management, artificial intelligence, statistical physics, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, system engineering/operation research and neuroscience. Specific fields of study are economic and financial systems, machine learning, socio-economic networks and network industries; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; systemic risk analysis; systems modeling and optimization; experimental and behavioral economics and finance; complex system analysis in general. 

Input and Output Profiles

This track aims at preparing researchers and professionals with a deep knowledge of methods and techniques for the analysis of big/high dimensional data in economics, statistics, management and different instances of complex systems. Perspective students should preferably have a master-level background in economics, physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering or in a related field.

The track is designed to prepare candidates for leading positions in companies, research centers, and institutions. Graduates from this track are currently working at leading universities, international institutions, research centers, banks, insurance and consulting companies, innovative startups and other private companies, with a focus on quantitative assessment and solution of complex problems.

Research Units contributing to the track

The IMT Research Units contributing to the track are AXES, DySCO, MoMiLab, Networks, SysMA.

Double- degree agreements have been signed with the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven (Belgium) and the University of Alicante (Spain).