Perceived Places. Representation, Visualisation, and Perception of Images of Space and Monuments

1 Research Collaborator position
(Deadline March 24th, 2020 12:00 )

Greek and Roman architecture; space and place in the Ancient World;  visual studies; perceptual studies


The candidate is expected to perform research activity at the IMT School, being involved in the PAI Project: Perceived Places. Representation, Visualisation, and Perception of Images of Space and Monuments.
This interdisciplinary project aims at studying the reception, reproduction, and visualisation of actual architectural settings in the ancient world not only from an art historical point of view, but also looking at the most important and up-to-date research in the field of cognitive and perceptual psychology, as well as neuroscience. These insights allow for a more articulated discussion of the cognitive processes activated in the very moment of our knowledge and mental/conceptual reconstruction of the external world, as well as in the following steps of subjective identification and interpretation of images, and, more generally speaking, of all the external stimuli.
The selected candidate will therefore be asked to collaborate with the PAI team in collecting and analysing data deriving from the iconographic, art historical and archaeological analysis of the case studies (e.g. coins depicting monuments such as the Colosseum, ancient paintings and reliefs representing actual architectural settings, the so-called Anaglypha Traiani, etc.) as well as from  activities (also experimental) at present on going at the IMT School, the Research Unit LYNX and the MoMiLab.
Furthermore, the selected candidate will actively collaborate in the organization of a workshop resulting from the PAI Project, to be held at IMT in 2020. Eventually, the selected candidate will contribute to the final edition of the proceedings from the above-mentioned workshop.



-PhD in Classical Archaeology, Art History or related fields
- Excellent knowledge of the current debate on space and place in the ancient Wolrd, with a specific focus on urban environments.
- Excellent knowledge of the ancient iconographic production, especially concerning the representation of space, monuments and architectural settings.
- Knowledge of the current debate on visual and perceptual studies and their extension to the Ancient World.
- Ability in collaborating in a  multidisiplinary environment and in dialoguing with experts in different fields (e.g. neuroscience, perceptual psycology, etc.).

Formal requirements
  • PhD in Classical Archaeology, Art History or related fields.
  • Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English.

PAI Junior “Perceived Places: Representation, Visualisation, and Perception of Images of Space and Monuments” (codice P0138)


7 months

Gross amount

13700 €

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Contratto di lavoro autonomo


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