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Prospective Students

What we look for:

Every year the IMT School receives applications from numerous brilliant students. In addition to academic results, background, scientific relevance and research aptitude, in order to select the profiles most relevant to the School's research program and mission, in the evaluation process we also take into account motivation, curiosity and enthusiasm, risk-taking, as well as aptitude to the active participation in the life of the School’s community.

What we offer:

PhD students enrolled in our programs enjoy the following benefits:

  • a truly international environment where English is the working language;
  • four-year scholarship of ca. € 14,000 net per year;
  • exemption from tuition fees;
  • free accommodation and meals in the campus residential facilities;
  • accident insurance, third-party insurance (civil liabilities) and health insurance;
  • scholarship increase by 50% during the periods spent abroad for study and research (from 2 to 9 months);
  • contribution to reimburse travel expenses for periods spent abroad;
  • up to € 4,600 of research funds for off-site activities (participation in conferences, seminars, summer schools ...);
  • access to library facilities;
  • IT support for all technical requests related to study and research;
  • psychological support;
  • special deals for several services and activities including banking, insurance, gyms, couriers, taxi services …;
  • possibility to activate a higher education and research apprenticeship that allows candidates of age between 18 and 29 to be hired in a company with an apprenticeship contract, and at the same time, to obtain a PhD.

Foreign students can also receive assistance with arrival and administrative procedures (visa, residence permit, health insurance, taxes and more). Although knowledge of the English is mandatory, no knowledge of Italian is required. Foreign students can attend Italian language and culture courses free of charge in order to obtain an A1 or A2 level certification.

The course of study:

Working closely with their advisor, students are constantly supervised in their studies and research:

  • the offered coursework provides the theoretical skills and tools necessary to tackle a multitude of problems in a rigorous way. Advisors help students draw up a study plan that fulfills the training needs and research interests of the PhD candidates, allowing them to take full advantage of the School's offerings;
  • students engage in research activities working closely with their advisor toward a PhD thesis that represents a significant and substantial novel contribution to the state of the art in the chosen subject. Advisors guide students in the development of critical thinking and provide them with indications on how to approach and develop research projects;
  • students are encouraged to spend a period of study, research or internship abroad to further enrich their education. In addition to the scholarship increase and the contribution to travel expenses, students can benefit from additional funding opportunities, such as the Erasmus+ scholarships;
  • at the end of the program, students defend their thesis. If the scientific maturity and the results obtained allow it, the possibility to defend the thesis is given starting from the end of the third year;
  • after being awarded the PhD, students are qualified to hold high-profile professional roles at universities, research centers, companies, public and private institutions, in Italy and abroad.

How to apply:

The main information on the admission process is available at the dedicated webpage.