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Facilities & Services


PhD Student Equipment

Each PhD student will be provided with a computer assistance service ("Support") in order to log onto IMT network almost from everywhere in the Campus. Wireless Internet connection is available in the classrooms, library, offices, conference room, etc.

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Kitchenette and Laundrette - San Micheletto

In San Micheletto building, a kitchenette, equipped also with fridge, oven and TV, and a laundrette are available for IMT guests.

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Auditorium - San Micheletto

A conference room, with more than 100 seats, is available in San Micheletto building. Auditorium is equipped with up-to-date technology, including video-recording, microphones, and video-projector.

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Conference Room - San Ponziano

The conference room has about 70 seats and it is equipped with internet connection, video projector and microphones. It is available for meeting, seminars, Joint Lectures of PhD Programs and other School purposes.

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Classrooms - San Micheletto

Classrooms are based in San Micheletto building. They are assigned per PhD Program and are fully equipped with up-to-date technology, i.e. video projector, internet connection, printer, telephone and other technical tools. There is an internet connection available for each student.

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Library - San Ponziano

IMT Library is located in Chiesa di San Ponziano, few meters distance from San Micheletto. Built inside an ancient church, IMT Library is a brand new structure with an advanced design and the most updated technologies. Fully cabled, each reading seat has an internet connection in order to access online journals and databases available at the School.

For further information please visit the Library page and contact

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Offices and working Stations - San Micheletto and San Ponziano

Offices for PhD Programs, for Faculty and Research Personnel are based both in San Micheletto, in San Ponziano and in San Francesco buildings.

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Thanks to an agreement with the local parking company IMT students, researchers, professors and staff are allowed to park in the underground car park ("Park Mazzini") at a reduced price.

Download the Parking Card Request Form with related Procedure's Description

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Other Facilities

The School is negotiating specific agreements, in order to apply special fares or discounts to our students in shops, sport centers, theatres, language centers, etc. within the Lucca area.

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